Miami Beach - 0280a - Acrylic Face Mount....

I started to offer the option of my photos mounted under acrylic a few months ago.

I wasn't sure it was a good idea at first. I had seen many photographers at art fairs offering an acrylic version of their work. I thought they generally looked a bit too shiny. I wasn't sold.

But after moving to Miami, with the strong light, bright blue skies and popping colours, I found my perception shifting, and my taste shifting to the bold and bright.

It occurred to me that the ultra shiny look that you get with the acrylic mount might work pretty well with my Miami Beach series.

And I was right!

Check out the video below for the first example.

I ordered one from Whitewall, a great photo lab in Germany, and I was blown away when I first opened the box.

The first thing you notice are the colours that seem to be alive. Then there is a sense of depth, that the tower is actually in 3D. Shocking.

Whitewall offers an interesting product - a traditionally exposed photo print under acrylic glass. Apparently this is rare.

I can't speak to the rarity of it, but I am glad I started offering the acrylic facemount option, because it looks amazing. And I managed to sell one already!