• MiMo #031 - Limited Edition of 25


    The Coppertone Girl.


    Miami Modern (MiMo) is a regional style of architecture that developed in South Florida during the post-war period as a response to the stark, minimalist International Style of architecture.  


    MiMo is not a single style, but rather a confluence of styles, the common denominator of which is a time — the heady decades after the war — and a place — the subtropical environs of South Florida.


    The austerity and deprivation during the Great Depression and WWII had left Americans dreaming of a carefree life and a better world for themselves and their children. Consequently, the United States—wealthy, strong and influential—emerged as a global power following World War II. 


    America redirected its enormous industrial capacity from the defense economy back to the domestic economy following the war. There was no longer a perceived need for rationing, conserving and recycling. It was an age of exuberance and abundance.


    This was reflected in the glamour, fun, and material excess characteristic of MiMo.


    This image is a celebration of this unique area. The colours, the characters, the ambiance from my point of view, an outsider.


    This image is a composite of several different images taken in the same session and manipulated in post production. Elements have been added and subtracted from the scene in an attempt to control what cannot normally be controlled. The idea is to let the environment speak for itself without too much of the clutter of real life.


    From an ongoing series.


    42x28 in. Limited edition of 25.

    36x24 in. Limited edition of 25.

    30x20 in. Limited edition of 25.

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